Par T Golf Course (public)
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1307 E 74th Ave
Anchorage, AK   99518
p: 907.344.5717

This is a very unique place to play golf during the winter months in Alaska. There are eight electronic machines that simulate any course you wish to play, using your own golf clubs. You may program the machine to play Pebble Beach, Doral, or any other course you desire. The simulator stations are 24' x 14', with the screen the golfers hit into measuring 10' x 14'. The images that appear on the screen are real photographs of real golf courses, not computer simulated images. The height, direction, slice or hook of the shot is detected by three cameras and processed. Golfers may actually hit other golfers, carts, and trees with errant shots, all the while being accompanied by realistic audio noises. Fees are charged by the hour and by the number of players.

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Motorized carts


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